SQUARE ASSET MANAGEMENT is specialised in three distinct areas of real estate asset management, with the Specialised Funds having 543 million euros in assets under management (June 30th 2024), aimed at maximising their value through long-term management.


To achieve a sustainable value increase in specialized assets portfolio, it is mandatory to go through an appraisal process to identify potential market value of each asset and define the strategic solution to add value. Our highly skilled team utilizes their national experience, market knowledge and long-term relationships within the real estate industry along with a clear investment policy and strategic guidelines to this specific type of asset to maximize investors gains.

VALOR UP 2024-06-28

6,6013 €

  • Fund Type Open-Ended Real Estate Investment
  • Inception Date 30-12-2013
Fund Name CARTEIRA IMOBILIÁRIA - Fundo de Investimento Imobiliário Aberto
Investor Profile Qualified investors
Currency Euro (€)
Manager Square Asset Management, Sociedade Gestora de Organismos de Investimento Coletivo, S.A.
Distributor Caixa Económica Montepio Geral
Custodian Caixa Económica Montepio Geral
Management Company: Square Asset Management - Sociedade Gestora de Organismos de Investimento Coletivo, S.A.

For information on any corrections to the value of the participation units, please see the CMVM website.